So: what AM I doing, anyway?

"I'm a process painter, which means my paintings evolve without a set plan or narrative. I’m primarily focused on spatial relationships, as well as the resulting surface, color and experience—both my experience as the maker and the viewer's experience as the seer. I'm often working with dualities: hard vs. soft, fast vs. slow, calm vs. frenetic, and I’m interested in those interactions between materials and methods that naturally develop within my process.

Using painting and printmaking techniques, I interweave drawing and collage with a variety of media. Simultaneously painterly and constrained, my paintings are composed of complex layers, many of which are over-painted and concealed. A prominent element of my work is the application of thousands of beads of paint or intricate collage, painstakingly applied and used to create screens and patterns. My work is  best described as abstract painting with botanical and architectural references, as the pieces suggest natural forms (birds, leaves, branches), man made structures (buildings, windows, lights) and patterning both natural and designed (woven fabrics, strata of earth, pixels).

My works are emotional and imperfect, and as objects they embody my response to things mass produced and idealized. The paintings are collections of moments from daily life: combined glimpses, thoughts, memories and objects. By design I am trying to describe not only what things look like through the filter of my eyes, intellect and hands, but also how they might feel.”